Robert Booras’ clear, open, soulful poems in The New Night of Always handle time with dream-infused immediacy and a kind of slantwise humor built from the politics of grace that is domestic and artistic life in the thick of the big city. They subtly, if insistently, take company as a central need of one’s life, with all the attendant desires and anxieties that sense of need daily conjures, and go at its many angles with shapely precision. It’s the kind of work that serves a range of mind frames, making for a book you can carry around and read all over town.”

—Anselm Berrigan


Writers write their own stories sometimes. But in The New Night of Always we are all part of the club. It is a moment or forever in New York, and through it we are piecing together words, no lives, and dismembering them, ourselves and. We interrupt this poet’s embrace with city, so we are written.

—Bruna Mori

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